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The 2G sunset presents unique challenges and complexities to businesses. We’ve put together a collection of informative resources to support you in your decision process. We are also here for personalized support. Schedule your free 20-minute consultation with a 2G transition specialist.


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Learning Resources

Quick videos explaining strategies for a successful 2G transition.

AT&T 2G to T-Mobile 2G to LTE


Brian knows the future is LTE but  migrating right now would be too disruptive. Watch Brian’s story.

2G to 3G to LTE


Tom is faced with the choice of waiting to switch to LTE or make the move to 3G.  Watch Tom’s story.

2G to LTE


Dan figures out how LTE fits into his IoT and M2M plans. Watch Dan’s story.

Choosing an OEM Partner


Dan has to choose from the many OEM manufacturers and their expanding LTE product line. Watch Dan’s story.


Learning Resources

2G, 3G, LTE: The Essentials


2G Sunset:  What You Need to Know Now

The At&T 2G network sunset is happening December 31, 2016. However, T-Mobile has announced that they have set up a ‘focused’ version of their nationwide 2G network that will continue to operate through December 31, 2020!

This network delivers non-phone GSM service to IoT and M2M-specific devices, including those with integrated voice applications, that works with existing 2G radios.

With M2M-specific GSM data service that we will continue to operate through the end of 2020 customers now have a viable 2G network to migrate to if they need more time.

Who does this benefit the most?

  • If you have devices with long cycle times T-Mobilie's 2G extension provides you with more time to work on your LTE development strategy
  • If you have devices with short cycle times of 3-years or less you should be able squeze out one more cycle as you ready for LTE

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3G: Speed, Security, Broad Coverage

The 3G (third generation) network is just one step behind 4G LTE. After research development in 1992, the 3G network was born, helping usher in the wireless revolution.

3G Answers the World’s Need for Speed

3G makes it faster and easier to connect to the Internet, rapidly download and upload files, stream videos and browse online -- all common activities with the widespread usage of smartphone and other mobile, internet-connected devices.

3G Brings Enhanced Security

3G's increased level of security provides authentication capability when communicating with other devices, verifying the network with the users' equipment -- capabilities not available on the 2G network.

As more products are monitored and controlled remotely, companies can use all this data to provide new services and transform their business models.

If you see your company heading in this direction, you may want to further explore the benefits of transitioning to LTE.

Need personal input from a 2G transition specialist? Request your free consultation today.


LTE: The Future for M2M and IoT

While 2G continues to play an important role in machine-to-machine for industries in fleet management and asset tracking, IoT (internet of things) is moving quickly toward primarily using LTE. Not only is LTE far more efficient than both 3G and 2G, it is also more economically sound for those who use it.

LTE offers substantially higher data rates, better reach into buildings, and a fraction of the dormancy of the preceding 2G and 3G technologies. Where sending a 5 MB file could take more than eight minutes using the 2G network, it takes approximately 3.8 seconds with LTE connectivity.

Investments in 4G LTE mobile wireless technologies and infrastructure networks hold possibilities in areas such as online retail, video surveillance, business services, energy, healthcare and much more.

We can discuss the risks and benefits of moving directly to the LTE network. Request your free consultation today.

Are you still using AT&T 2G service? We are here to help.
Request your free 20-minute consulation with a 2G Transition Specialist.

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